Expert Computer Help

Expert computer help from OfficeCoach in Bristol

Save time and effort with expert computing help. When you have a specific requirement but limited time to waste, you or your staff could benefit from an on-site computer consultant. Workshop, training courses and one-to-one tuition can be tailored to suit your needs:

  • Offer technical solutions & efficiency techniques
  • Design & develop VBA & macros for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Troubleshoot actual documents, data, project plans and spreadsheets
  • Advise best practice for Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Project templates
  • Hold specialised Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Google Apps workshops for users of all skill levels

Project Management

An on-site experienced Project Manager can develop in-house Microsoft Project plan templates with your staff. These templates can then be used to create project plans and train your staff. 

Bespoke Course Development

Book Onsite ExpertiseWould your company benefit from bespoke in-house training courses on company software or new processes? Want to roll out an upgrade, new application or technical process? OfficeCoach can develop in-house training materials for your company, tailored for your staff or your customers. Training materials are supplied in electronic form and suitable for intranet publication as well as traditional paper coursenotes.

Alternatively see our lunchtime seminar option for cost-effective trainingContact OfficeCoach to discuss your requirements.