Microsoft Sharepoint Training Courses

Microsoft Sharepoint is flagship software that allows creation of Information Portals to enable businesses to manage and organise their documents. SharePoint Portals fosters collaboration and ease of finding information whilst allowing fine grain security across teams and control of version histories. SharePoint is hugely customisable.
Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Training Course: Introduction User

Microsoft SharePoint: Manage, Organise & Share Documents

Contacts, Lists, Libraries, Collaboration, Workflows, Version History

This introductory 1 day course provides a foundation for SharePoint Users to find and use the organisational and collaborative functionality of SharePoint Information Portals. The course assumes some familiarity with Microsoft Office applications. Hands-on exercises are included.

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Training Course: Advanced User

Microsoft SharePoint: Advanced User Customisation

Workspaces, Tasks & Lists, Surveys, Customisation, Intranet

This 1 day advanced level course is suitable for those wanting a high level of understanding of Microsoft SharePoint from a user perspective. The course assumes some previous experience of Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Sharepoint. Hands-on exercises are included.