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Microsoft OneNote Training

Microsoft OneNote 2013 training course Microsoft OneNote 2010 training course Search & share notes  *  Create to-do lists  *  Meeting minutes  
Add scans  *  Link with calendar  *  Follow-up flags & tasks

Course Agenda

The course can be run on-site as a half-day workshop with exercises or two hour seminar presented either on-site or online.

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Electronic notebook 
Stores notes that can be organised and are highly searchable, portable & shareable!

No file saving 
Just type, paste and record notes. Just like a paper notebook.

No more piles of files
Search books, sections & pages in one place.

Meeting minutes 
Make notes, to-do lists, action follow-ups & record audio & video.

Print to OneNote  
Keep a note of any web page, email, document. 

Link to Microsoft Outlook 
Link calendar meetings and Outlook follow-ups & tasks.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screenshot