Google Apps training
Gmail Training

Gmail, Google Calendar & Contacts

Learn how to make full use of Gmail, Contacts and Calendar features such as sorting and filtering, signatures, threads, searching and groups

Google Docs Training

Collaboration with Google Docs

Text, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Sharing Documents, Version History, Collections

Google Docs provides fully featured applications accessible from anywhere. Learn how to use all these apps along with the excellent collaboration and version history facilities. Learn how to organise your docs with the Google collections feature (see the Slice & Dice your old filing system using Google Apps article in the OfficeCoach Blog)

Google Apps: Introduction to Sites Training Course

Google Sites

Web Templates, Public Websites, Intranets, Traffic Monitoring

Using Google Sites you can quickly create and host your own domain public website. You can quickly create a corporate intranet. Sites powered by Google use templates ensuring no programming or web development expertise required. Learn the basics of setting up a Google Site. 

Google Apps Training
OfficeCoach tailors training to suit your organisation; from gentle introductions covering key topics comprehensively, to faster paced overviews covering more ground for those who want time-saving training.

Google Apps: Managing Intranet/Websites Training Course

Managing Google Site intranets

Content, Templates, Gadgets, Permissions, DNS Records, Scripts

Learn advanced Google Site management.

Google Apps: Managing User Accounts Training Course

Managing user accounts

Administration, Control Panel, Postini, Security

Learn about administration and use of the Google Apps Dashboard to create and manage Google Apps user accounts including discussion of setting up Postini services and security options.

Google Apps: Advanced Calendar Resources Training Course

Calendars and meeting resources

Calendar Administration, Events, Resources, Delegation, Sharing, Sync

This bitesize course covers advanced use of Google Calendars. Administer multiple calendars, setup resources (such as meeting rooms and presentation equipment), learn how to delegate calendar administration and setup synchronisation with mobile devices.