Web & Social Media Courses

It's not easy keeping up with the fast pace of technology these days, but here are a few courses covering some of the latest phenomena of social media, how to go online with your business (without having to spend a fortune) and courses on the increasingly popular Google Apps.

Getting Online with your Business

Domains, Web-hosting, SEO, E-commerce

This half day course gives a high-level but comprehensive whirlwind tour of how to get your business online. Learn about purchasing web domains, the ins and outs of web-hosting, straightforward web-design options, what is SEO? and advice on how to get up and running with e-commerce.

Social Media for Business

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, ShareThis, Buzz

A half-day overview on what the Social Media buzz is all about. Why and how best to promote your business with each of the major players of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs and more.

Google Tools for Online Businesses

Advertising, Google Maps, Docs, Apps, Website Performance, Insight, Google Apps

Google provide a wealth of tools and services that could save your company time and money. This half day seminar covers some of the most tools such as Adsense and Adwords for advertising your business and others, useful tools such as Google Apps and the marketplace and web monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, Keyword Tool and Insight.