Microsoft Powerpoint Training Courses

Microsoft Powerpoint is probably the most popular presentation software in use today. Using templates, wizards and the user-friendly interface allows production of effective presentations very quickly - the hard part is planning your content! Google Docs Presentation is also an excellent way to quickly produce highly accessible and collaborative presentations.
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Training Course: Introduction

Microsoft Powerpoint: Creating Presentations

Presentations, Formatting, Graphics & Objects, Slide Design, Slide Shows, Preparing Handouts

PowerPoint is a powerful presentations application, which allows the user to create intuitive presentations for paper, screen or web output. This half-day introductory workshop begins with an overview of the Powerpoint screen and how to create and save presentations. Trainees also learn about formatting, slide design, inserting pictures, logos and objects, running a slide show and preparing handouts. Hands-on exercises are included.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Training Course: Advanced

Microsoft Powerpoint: Using Advanced Features

Tables, Organisation Charts, Spreadsheets, Master Slides, Web Presentations, Macros

This half-day course is suitable for anyone with a working knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint who wants to understand more than just the basics. Trainees will learn how to produce powerful presentations using all the advanced features, including how to customise Powerpoint with macros.