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Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive email program that can really help to organise your time and contacts. Microsoft Outlook can be used for straightforward sending and receiving of email; it can also be used to organised and synchronise all your contact details, create, maintain and share calendars, manage task to-do lists, set and monitor follow-up flags and use post-it style notes to store easy-to-forget memos. 

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Training Course

Microsoft Outlook: Getting Organised

Sending email, Organising Contacts, Calendars & Scheduling, Tasks & Follow-up, Mail-merge

This intermediate level course introduces trainees to Microsoft Outlook, a powerful personal information management program. Learn how to efficiently communicate, schedule appointments and tasks, record information and organise your files. Learn how to use Outlook for mail merging to send out newsletter and multiple emails. The course also covers how to track and group messages, prioritise and delegate tasks, manage contact records and create and use templates. Hands-on exercises are included.

Gill Flynn,
7 Oct 2011, 06:19