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Microsoft Access: Introduction to Databases

Microsoft Access: Designing Databases
Microsoft Access: Database Administration
Microsoft Access is a fully fledged relational database. It can be used to create simple, single-user databases for small projects with only a few tables, or to design a multi-user project such as a staff time-recording tool. Many wizards and templates assist speedy creation of a first working model. OfficeCoach runs three Microsoft Access 2010 computer training courses.

Microsoft Access 2010 Training: Introduction Course

1 day

Microsoft Access: Introduction to Databases

Database Concepts, Using Tables, Table Design, Queries, Reporting

An introduction to use of databases and database concepts. This course offers a grounding in creating the core objects of a Microsoft Access database and covers data manipulation and extraction at an introductory level. Hands-on exercises are included.
Microsoft Access 2010 Training: Intermediate Course

1 day

Microsoft Access: Designing Databases

Action Queries, Custom Forms, Reports, Database Replication

This 1 day course is an intermediate level course for those who wish to design new or extend and improve existing Microsoft Access databases, including discussion of replication and migration of existing data. This course assumes some basic experience with Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access 2010 Training: Advanced Course

1 day

Microsoft Access: Database Development & Administration

Relational Databases, Optimisation, Administration, Advanced Forms, Database Security

This 1 day courses aims to build on a reasonable level of experience with Microsoft Access. The course covers advanced level topics of database development, optimisation and administration of Microsoft Access databases. Sharing and security is also covered.